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Our Cara Corporate Partners

KPJ Healthcare’s value proposition centres on managing a network of more than 29 specialist hospitals throughout Malaysia in a professional, efficient and prudent manner to provide world-class, quality healthcare services to our clients and patients. These services are underpinned by our robust and resilient business model which draws its strength from the Group’s more than 40 years’ experience in the Malaysian private healthcare industry.

Isofield is an Irish owned manufacturer that makes clean and sterile PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) for life-science companies. These are high-spec single-use consumables for end-users who need to make vaccines, tablets, plasmas and other sensitive products in highly controlled environments where the focus is to control the levels of contamination and maintain sterility.
Isofield products include cleanroom gloves, facemasks, goggles, and garments. The Isofield factory is located just outside Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur, where they have our 30,000 sq. ft facility. From Kuala Lumpur, the products are shipped to the Isofield warehouse in Dublin, Ireland ready to be distributed to channel partners across Europe and beyond. Founded in 2021 the company is currently working with over 20 distribution partners in over 30 countries.

RPM is a Project Management Consultant (PMC) that provides professional expertise in technical and management services for the construction and property development industry. RPM consultancy services range from micro advisory roles to fully-fledged project management teams with integrated site staff. We manage every stage of a development from Pre-Concept through to the Project completion and close-out of contracts with persistent engineering applications at all stages.

Leviat is a subsidiary of CRH, Ireland’s largest publicly listed company.

Leviat is a world leader in connecting, fixing, lifting and anchoring technology for the construction industry.

Our trusted product brands, including Ancon, HALFEN, Plaka and Meadow Burke, are all known for high performance, quality and reliability. These engineered products and innovative construction solutions are used in a variety of sectors from residential to infrastructure.

We help our ambitious construction partners to turn architectural visions into reality and build better, safer, stronger and faster. Our engineers provide technical design assistance at every stage of a project, from initial planning to installation and beyond. Our technical support services range from simple product selection through to the development of a fully customised project-specific design solution. Our digital engineering tools include industry-leading calculation and design software and BIM objects.

Every promise we make locally, has the commitment and dedication of our global team behind it. Leviat employs almost 3,000 people at 60 locations across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, providing an agile and responsive service worldwide.

A CRH company, Leviat is part of the leading building materials business in the world.

Teknicast is an aluminium die casting manufacturer based in Malaysia which started its operations back in 1983. Today Teknicast supplies high-pressure aluminium die casting components with complex features to MNC all around the world. Apart from being a die casting company, they are a one-stop center and provide fully-integrated in-house services such as, die casting, machining, trimming, leak test, impregnation, painting and assembly, etc.

MFE was formed in Malaysia in 1991 to accommodate the regional demand for high-quality, efficient and cost-effective construction solutions.  Since those early days, MFE has developed into the world-leader in Aluminum Formwork Systems by providing our customers with continued product innovation and unparalleled quality and service. MFE aluminum formwork allows our customers to build concrete structures that are strong, accurate in dimensions and provide high quality finished concrete surfaces. At the same time, the MFE system is easy to use, significantly speeds up construction time, and can provide substantial savings in overall construction costs.

Kerry has a team of over 23,000 people based around the world who are united in their vision to be their customers’ most valued partner, creating a world of sustainable nutrition. Kerry’s 50 years of experience means rising to the challenge of developing solutions that meet evolving tastes and providing sustainable nutrition for generations to come. Kerry have grown from strength to strength to become the world leader in sustainable nutrition for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets. Kerry’s presence in Malaysia includes 5 Manufacturing plants and a new ( 2022) Global Shared Services Centre.

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