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Enterpryze is a complete accounting and business management solution that helps clients run their business.

Enterpryze is part of UOB SmartBusiness, a suite of integrated solutions that lets clients seamlessly manage multiple core processes such as sales, invoicing, payroll, accounting and more. Connected to a UOB banking account and facilities, it allows access to ready information onĀ  operations and company financials, allowing organisations to make better informed business decisions and generate better cash flow.

Link to www.enterpryze.com for more information or follow Enterpryze on Facebook.

RPM is a Project Management Consultant (PMC) that provides professional expertise in technical and management services for the construction and property development industry. RPM consultancy services range from micro advisory roles to fully-fledged project management teams with integrated site staff. We manage every stage of a development from Pre-Concept through to the Project completion and close-out of contracts with persistent engineering applications at all stages.
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